White sugar mummies in Kenya – Hook up with Lindsay!

white sugar mummy in kenyaHello every one, My name is Lindsay from Europe. I am 35 years old and am on this kenyan forum looking for a trusted companion. My friends consider me a very sincere, honest, kind, generous and very respectful person, I try to always keep a positive attitude with a good sense of humor, because it makes me feel good about myself and others.currently in kenya/ I am looking for a man who enjoys a good conversation and also likes to do interesting things. i prefer African race because i want to try out something new

Hook up with Lindsay SMS I want Lindsay to 0791069873. Hook up charge is Kshs. 530/=

6 thoughts on “White sugar mummies in Kenya – Hook up with Lindsay!”

  1. My lady am kelda from Cameroon.I love your outfit .I am 22 and am a young and strong guy for you.I can keep you screaming all night with sex.I have a nice dick for you.get back to me.

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