Reasons Why Older Women Date Younger Men

Dating younger men may be a taboo for some. However, there are now lots of people that are going out with a milf date. If you are an older woman thinking about dating a younger man, I think that you should go for it. For one, age is just a number so it really shouldn’t matter. The important thing in a relationship is your feelings for each other. If you think about it, there is really nothing wrong with dating a younger guy. In addition to this, older women can even use their experience as an advantage in dating younger men. Here are some reasons why older women date younger men:

1. Older women can take the lead in a relationship.

It is a given that older people have more experience. Considering that you are more experienced than your partner, you can take the lead and do things your way. You will also be able to help him in life by offering him advice on what may or may not work for him. Taking the lead doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have control over his life and manipulate each and every single one of his actions. It just means that you lead him through life; guiding him and helping him in every step of his way.

2. You can teach him things.

Like what I have stated above, because of your experience you will know more than him. You can use this knowledge to help him deal with things that are troubling him. There are also things that schools do not teach; lessons that are learned by experiencing different things in life. This is where you come in and teach him.

3. Younger guys offer more when it comes to energy and enthusiasm.

Older women date younger men because they are like puppies (not in a bad way, of course). They have more energy and are always up for a good time. So if you are an older woman looking for a good time then dating a younger guy will be the best thing that you can do.

4. Younger men will be more loyal.

Older women date younger men because they are more loyal. This can be arguable for some people. But look at it this way; a young man won’t date an older woman just for the excitement. The reason why he is dating you is because there is something about you that he likes or he may feel more secured when he is with you. However, you should also consider that he may be just after your money.

5. Younger men won’t die sooner.

You might find this funny but this is true. When dating older men there is a chance that he will soon die. This is good if you are only after his money but if you are looking for a long lasting and fruitful relationship, this can be devastating. On the other hand, you wouldn’t have to worry about this if you are dating a younger man. In doing so, you also wouldn’t have to worry about being a widow if he is 20 or so years younger than you. Considering the fact that women die later than men, you should go for younger men.

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The Dos for Young Men Who Date Older Woman

It is relatively easy to date older woman or in fact, any woman. This is if you know what you are doing of course. One thing that you should remember in dating older women is that they will demand to be treated well. If you are unable to do this, they will be leaving you. This is different from the way younger girls treat younger men. It would be smart to know what you say and do when you date older woman. Be careful or you’ll mess things up. If you do things correctly, you will surely see that dating an older woman will be a fun and exciting experience. Here are the Dos for young men who date older woman:

date older women

1. Be confident.

No woman, regardless of age, wants to date a wimp that is severely lacking self-confidence. If you want to attract a woman, you must have an attitude of a real man. This is what an older woman expects from his guy. Older women will definitely be attracted to men that know what they want and gives it to them.

2. Be consistent.

Older women are more observant than younger women. They can tell if you’re lying or not so don’t even think about pretending to be someone or something that you are not. If you plan on doing so, make sure that you can keep at it at all times (which I doubt you can). To be on the safe side, just don’t think about pretending and be you instead.

3. Be honest.

Unlike younger women, older women can tell better if you are lying or not. In fact, older women are like human lie detectors. Older women are very understanding so if you think about it, you wouldn’t have to lie in the first place because they would understand. That is of course if you haven’t done something that is completely unforgivable like cheating on her. Remember that because she is much older than you, she will know if you are lying or not. She may have experienced that in the past and learned from it. If you want to date a girl that you can easily lie to, go for younger girls instead.

4. Respect her.

All women deserve to be respected; especially older women. It is very important for men who date older woman to give her the respect that she deserves. Also respect the fact that she has her own life. She will have friends and activities that she has been doing for ages. You shouldn’t try and take these away from her. Never change what she is. Unlike younger women, older women do not want to be dictated on what she has to do. If you want her to change her life and include you, you will have to wait as this takes time.

Lastly, when dating an older woman you should not be clingy. Relax and don’t get paranoid. If she doesn’t like you anymore and doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, she will tell you. This is one of the many differences between older and younger women. They will be straight forward so stop assuming things and just enjoy your moments.

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Advice for Younger Men Who Date Older Women

Men prefer dating cougars nowadays because they are more capable of relationships smoothly and they are more experienced when it comes to life. Older women, because of their age, are more mature and financially stable and independent. In addition to that, they are also good lovers. Although this might not be the main reason why younger men date older women, this can sometimes be a factor. Younger men have been attracted to older women for a while now. In the past, this idea is not so embraced by our society but today it isn’t such a big deal anymore.

Dating an older woman can be a nice and exciting experience even for those who haven’t tried dating older women yet. However, it is important for people who date older women to remember that there are good parts and bad parts in doing so.

One bad thing for younger men who date older women is that she has experience much in life and she will have many worries. Considering that she is older than you, she will most likely be in control of your relationship and would usually manipulate you. In addition to this, your friends will talk about you or maybe laugh on you for dating an older woman. If you think you can handle these then you’ll do just fine.

If you can manage to shove aside the bad parts in dating older women, you will see that there are lots of good things waiting for younger men who date older women. Older women know what they want and from whom. They are usually attracted to men that can communicate well with them and are more compatible with their lifestyle. Unlike younger women, they do not need a man to take care of them. What they need though is a man that can make them feel loved and appreciated. Older women are honest and straightforward with what they want. If you date an older woman, you will know right away where you stand with her.

If you are lucky enough to find an older woman and date her, do not mess up your chances. Here are some advices that you should consider:

  • Remember that she is dating you because she likes you. So instead of pretending to be someone else, be yourself and make her enjoy your company.
  • Go to a place that she has never been to. Taking her to a restaurant that she may have been to a hundred times already will give her the impression that you are just like the other men she has dated.
  • Offer her excitement and do not bore her. Provide her with something that men her age cannot. This includes things that are in and out of the bedroom; if you know what I mean.
  • Do not rush things. Just because she is older doesn’t mean that you should rush and talk about making a family and all. Remember that she may already have a family and may have bad experiences with them. You wouldn’t want to ruin everything by reminding her about that. Take things nice and slow; you’ll be glad you did.

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Things You May Need to Sacrifice When You Date Mature Women Online

It isn’t easy to date mature women over the internet. As a matter of fact, the same thing goes true if you date older woman singles offline. In a sense, dating older women takes a lot of work and you can never expect to succeed in this kind of dating venture if you are not ready to do some hard work. If you want to date mature women over the internet, you need to realize that there are several sacrifices that you may need to make. In a sense, your success in this kind of dating adventure is very dependent on how well you are able to handle these sacrifices.

Among the very first, on your list of things that you may need to sacrifice, when you date mature women online, time is definitely one of them. Majority of the mature women that you would find on your online dating site would want to have a man that is willing to be on their side whenever they need them to. This is because most of these mature women are those that feel sad about their life and are those that are looking for comfort. If you want to really be successful when you date older women singles on the internet today, you need to make sure that you are willing to sacrifice your time when your date demands it.

Your childish behavior is another thing that you may need to sacrifice if you want to date mature women online and succeed with it. Being childish may be alright depending on your mature date, but most of the mature women that you would meet online, would definitely want you to be more mature as a date. This is because it is very important if you want to stay on their level and maintain the relationship that you have with them effectively. A little childish drama may be alright from time to time, but it can definitely be devastating to a relationship if it happens quite often.

Lastly, if you want to be successful when you date older woman singles online, you may need to sacrifice your pride. Many mature women dating younger men on the internet today want to be on the top of their relationship. Although you can often talk to them and have them agree to a fair relationship, most of them really want to take full control. As a man, this may be a big blow to your pride. However, that is one of the prices that you need to pay if you really want to have this kind of online romantic relationships.

Keeping these few pieces of information in mind may be very beneficial for anyone planning to date mature women online today. They can give you a much better idea of this online dating community and how you can be more effective on it. Most important of all, it can help you determine if this is indeed the online dating adventure that you are looking for. If you think that it is, then these few things mentioned above may also be able to help you find the success that you have always wanted to have when dating mature women.

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What to Avoid When Having a Young Man Older Woman Online Relationship

Young men that date older women on the internet today should be more mindful of the things that can endanger their relationships. Many think that dating cougars is an easy feat to accomplish, but it is really not the case. Although it is easy to find a young man older woman dating partner on the internet today, succeeding in forging a solid relationship is very difficult. There are definitely a lot of factors that can make it challenging to hold your relationship together. If you aren’t able to deal with these factors effectively, there is a huge chance that your relationship will end up getting destroyed.

One of the many things that you should never forget when you date older women or cougars is their desire to be happy. A lot of these women are housewives or divorcees that find their life dull and boring. Now because of that, they are constantly searching for a man that can give them the attention and comfort that they need. If you want to be more successful in any young man older woman relationship, you need to make sure that you avoid neglecting the feelings of your date. Always remember to pay attention to the signals that your cougar date is sending. If you think that she is feeling lonely, do something to comfort and make her happy.

Balancing your time is also very important if you have a young man older woman online relationship. Cougars can be very demanding sometimes when it comes to the time that you spend with them. If you have work or any other day to day activities, this can take its toll on you. A lot of young men out there have found it very difficult to maintain their relationship with cougars because of their lack of time. If you want to date older women or cougars on the internet and be more successful with it, you should always do your best to avoid mismanaging your time.

Last, you should always do whatever you can to avoid lying when you date older women on the internet today. A lot of young man older woman online dating relationships have been destroyed because of lies. Honesty is very important because it is the very foundation of trust within a relationship. It goes without saying that you would need tremendous amounts of trust between you and the cougar that you are dating, if you want your relationships to last longer. Be honest as much as you can with your date and you will definitely avoid having a hard time maintaining the trust that you need to make your online relationship work.

Your online young man older woman romantic relationship would only become hard to maintain if you do not know how to do so. It is very important that you never forget to avoid the few things that were mentioned above. They are some of the many troublesome factors that can make your online dating life a bit more difficult and more importantly, possibly cost you the very relationship that you have worked so hard to build.

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Hi, welcome to my Sugar Mummy Tips.

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Several years ago around 2007, I reached a point in my life where I was tired of dating the small girls who only wanted attention and gifts.

I wanted something else, something better. Someone who would appreciate my contribution in their life. Someone who would compensate me for doing so.

So I decided to date older women. Yes, I decided to get myself a Sugar Mummy.

I knew a lot of older women wanted young men who would satisfy them with sex, provide them with companionship and in return receive cash and favours.

At that point in my life, I was always lacking for cash and I wanted a quick way out of my situation. Getting a Sugar Mummy was a quick way for me to do it.

So I began my search.

I would write and send descriptions of myself to all the dating columns in the newspapers. You know those kind of descriptions where you say your age, and that you want a Sugar Mummy who will take care of you right?

Like this one below I saw on Facebook . . .

So I went out and I read every book I could find. I went online and downloaded and watched video and courses on the subject of meeting Sugar Mummies and having them date me. I contacted and paid every so called dating “agents” I found on Facebook and especially on Facebook.

I was so desperate to get a Sugar Mummy that I was looking for help anywhere I could get it.

You know what?

None of the persons or what I found worked very well for me. Some of it worked. It would get me to meet the rich Sugar Mummy, but none of them was even in the least interested in me.

The agents I paid?

Most of them were fake. They took my money and ran away.

Has the same thing happened to you?

How many hours of time and money have you wasted trying to find that special woman who will take care of you?

Whatever struggled you have passed through, I feel your pain because you see when I was new to all of this. . .
The Same Exact Things Happened to Me Too

I almost gave up. Thank God I didn’t.

Because after the last agent duped me, I swore to go find out the secrets by myself.
The Day My Story Changed

I was in Nairobi at a night club when I met a guy who somehow took a liking to me. We became friends and as our friendship progressed and I kept pressuring him to ‘show me the way’ because I could see all the money he was spending, he confessed to me he had a Sugar Mummy who sponsored everything he did.

I was excited and told him about my earlier trials an d failures in finding my own Sugar Mummy and he agreed to coach me.

Kamau (that’s his name) brought me into an inner circle where I would meet and study several guys who had a Sugar Mummy. Believe me, these guys were experts in older women dating.

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