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The Don’ts When Dating Rich Women

Having the opportunity to experience rich dating is something that not everyone have. Dating rich women is a little different from dating other kinds of women. They are used to being treated like a princess. You really don’t have to spoil her with gifts as she probably doesn’t need them as much as a regular woman does. For ones that are lucky enough to have this opportunity, they should be aware of the things that they shouldn’t do when dating rich women. These things can ruin your chance of successfully dating a rich woman. Here are some of them:

dating rich women
  • Don’t hate her pets: Remember those little dogs that rich women always have with them in the movies? Yes, there is a possibility that the rich woman that you will be dating will have one of those too. These pets (usually dogs) are one of these rich women’s most prized possessions. This is the reason that you should get along with these little things even if they can be quite annoying. If you happen to hate dogs, cover it up by bringing along treats and tossing some to them from time to time. This will give your date the impression that you like her pet. This way, you won’t have to touch them too much and you get to give a good impression to your date as well.
  • Don’t give her jewelry as gifts: Not only will this be unpractical but it will also make her think that you are a materialistic person. There is really nothing wrong with giving jewelry as a gift but there are other things aside these that you can give. Besides, there is probably no jewelry that she can’t afford to buy herself. So if you are planning to impress her by giving her gifts, scratch expensive jewelry off your list. Jewelries have a different effect to rich women compared to regular women. Sure they would be happy if you give her this kind of gift but there are other gifts that can make her even happier. Heck, she might even appreciate your time and attention more than the jewelries that you gave her.
  • Don’t talk about money: This is an instant turn off when it comes to dating rich women. If you talk about money too much, she will have the impression that you are only dating her because of her money. Even if this is true, you shouldn’t let her think this way. Making her think this way will result to her losing her trust in you. She will see you as a gold digger and will eventually be turned off. As a result, not only will your image be ruined but you will also lose your chance of dating her again.

In dating rich women it is really important for you to give her the impression that you are motivated, attracted and crazy about her. This is what all women, not only rich ones, want to feel. Make her feel loved and appreciated. This is all that she will need from you.

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