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“Habari wasomaji wenzangu mimi naitwa Debora niko Mombasa natafuta mchumba kijana chipukizi awe mcha Mungu na mwenye kazi ya kueleweka niko tayari anioe nikae naye hata kesho, kama kuna mtu yuko tayari tuwasiliane .Mie mali ninayo staki mali yake. Kazi ninayo. Ploti ninayo. Biashara niko nayo lakini sina mchumba ama mpenzi wa kitanda na ndiposa niko hapa”
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Hi sexually fit toyboys, I am not new to this whole sugar mummy thing but I am new to seeking one online. I would want to still feel free as I live in the outside world. I am a business woman and I am a sucker for most things like that. I was once married with kids though my husband and I are somehow separated. That is a long story but he has moved to Dubai to base. I get to keep our children though they have all grown and are now teenagers. They get to come visit and say hi during the weekends. I think I can comfortably say things are good for me right now. My business is doing extremely well in Mombasa town and I have been able to open other shops in out outside Mombasa in other cities.

I just need a sweet and simple sugar boy who is looking for a sugar mummy. I want someone who is not a teenager. I am tired of handling the ones I have, the last thing I would do is add another woman’s teenage boy to make me more tired. I need someone who is educated and speaks very well. He should be handsome and should have an idea how to dress sexy. I want someone who can be funny. Can make me laugh once in a while. I need someone who can be there for me whenever I want him to be. I know my husband is not around but I have kids and I would want this to be hidden from them. So please, I want discreet and private relationship. I may not be able to hide my affairs from God and the sun but I will make sure my family never finds out and I would want a man who will also feel my strong passion to keep things hidden and private. I promise to be a very providing sugar mummy as long as his needs are not as outrageous as wanting to have the world.

Anyone interested in me should leave me a message to admin Sophie . I do not have the time to read every message I get so save your novel for a publisher and just be brief about yourself. I believe the saying “pictures say a thousand words” so send admin a picture and it might help tell me the kind of man you are. I don’t do the whole chat thing this generation are really into but I will not mind learning and getting into it.

Thanks very much Admin for everything. You are doing a wonderful job and I hope you can keep it up

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Hello great admin on this marvellous dating site
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I need someone who can really make me happy sexually . I need someone who can handle a discreet relationship. I do not want that nonsense that the whole world would know what we are doing. I need someone who is handsome and funny. I love to laugh and I need someone who would always make me to laugh. As a sugar mummy, I would do everything possible to please him and make him happy. Whatever it would take.
Anyone who might be interested in me should text admin a message. I want well written messages and not short notes. I would prefer someone in the entertainment industry as well but will settle for any other good person. Though I am a sugar mummy, I do not believe everything has to be just about sex. I need someoFor hook up with her text/Whatsapp ur details:[your name,age ,location] and the word “ Mary” to admin on +254729655251 serious and willing guys only. jokers will be ignored as usual.We hook privately .We also PUBLICLY post your details n photos on our sites if willing n with your I can relate with.Thanks Admin for posting. I have sent the payment to your phone as requested. Please remember to hide my name . I would really want my privacy to remain private. Thanks

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