Sugar baby bondage – Dominated by the Master!

This was written for a girlfriend of mine many years ago. She chose the motif for me to write about. All flames should be directed towards her. Alas, I know not where she is.

Her eyes adjusting to the faint glow of the monitor’s lights, she awoke. Every inch of her skin was cold, but that was to be expected after ten years in thermo freeze. The room was not as she remembered it. Once shiny metal cabinets were now covered with dust; debris littered the floor. She glanced over at the three other thermo tanks in the room, there lights were out. This meant that her companions had already evacuated or more likely that they were dead.

Slowly, she lifted herself off the bed on which she lay, ducking her head to avoid the glass cover which had protected her for the last ten years. She walked stiffly over to the next tank. Commander Barton’s body was still inside, while her pulse and respiratory indicators showed her to be dead. The other two tanks, which were reserved for the two men of the crew, also contained bodies with no detectable respiration or heartbeat. She was the only surviving member of her squad.

There were nearly a hundred squads of four in isolated control rooms like this. They were separated by several hundred miles. The rational behind this was that when the bombs started to fall at least one-third of the control rooms were expected to survive. After the nuclear winter had eliminated all human life the chosen ones would emerge from suspended animation and start over; at least those who survived would.

Her name was Jessica Martin, an architect, art historian, construction engineer and most important a fertile female. By her acceptance into the Savior’s program, she had agreed to become the mate of one of the members of her squad. He was a loathsome man with a genius level I.Q. This requirement had almost made Jessica reject the program’s offer, but she had wanted to survive the holocaust. It was almost a relief that his life support system had failed. Unfortunately, the only two other members of the Saviors program who could help her were also dead.

Fully awake now, Jessica started the preparations necessary for the next day’s trip to the rendezvous point. The radiation readings were high, but tolerable. The temperature outside was nearly eighty. This was better than expected for a Spring day in the southwest desert after several hundred cubic miles of dirt had been thrown in the air by nuclear explosions.

Actually, it was several hundred cubic kilometers. It had been agreed that the survivors would convert to metric now. Most of the scientists in the group had readily gone along with this since they were all used to the system. Her profession still worked in feet and inches. Adjusting wouldn’t be to difficult. If Jessica made a mistake in her conversions, who would care if she went a few kilometers-per-hour over the speed limit?

There was no one there to enforce it anyway.

After nearly eight hours of preparation, including a wide variety of tests for biological hazards, latent radiation, and chemical pollutants, she was ready to start her trip. Everything went smoothly. The canned water had not perished, the freeze dried food had not decomposed and the computer had kept the solar car’s batteries charged.

The only set back she had, aside from the death of her companions, was that the gun locker was buried under a huge concrete beam. Obviously, some kind of explosion had occurred near by and now she was going to have to enter the world above armed with only a tazer gun.

The tazer gun had been left in the glove compartment of her transportation, a solar car. This was because, like the solar car’s batteries, its charge had to be maintained for the ten years she had been in thermo freeze. For projectiles, the tazer fired two darts which struck an adversary and delivered a shock of twenty thousand volts through wires which attached to the gun. It only had a range of around three meters and only worked against one opponent.

These limitations did not really intimidate Jessica, since all animal life, including the human race, had been removed from the surface planet by an excessively large number of nuclear explosions. The only real danger would come from the few people, if any, who survived the holocaust by hibernating underground like she did.

She spent her last night on the couch of her thermo tank. This time she kept the lid up and relied on her body’s natural cycle of sleep to wake her up rather than the life support computer. The next morning she opened the two levels of outer doors and drove off using the battery power of her solar car. There would be enough light out to recharge the vehicle as she drove.

Although it was not as she expected, the outside world was peaceful. The mountain under which she had been buried was still dry and arid. It had remained nearly unchanged, the only noted difference being that the road north to Arrow Point was in poorer condition than it had been ten years ago. This was to be expected, given the untimely nuclear termination of the local highway department.

In every direction, the desert stretched, broken occasionally by a shriveled tree or cactus. It startled her that, no matter how sparse, plant life had survived even in a desert after a nuclear holocaust. Jessica was taken more aback by the vulture which circled overhead. Obviously, animal life had also survived.

She drove on over the pitted road, heading north. Life seemed in abundance compared to what she had expected. After two hours of driving she nearly ran over a snake sunning itself on the side of the road. After four hours she had seen a several small birds and one rat which reminded her of her now deceased potential mate. Traveling at twenty kilometers-an-hour, she was nearly a hundred kilometers from the control room when she came across the wreck.

It was a four wheel drive vehicle, only a scorched hulk by the side of the road with its two occupants burnt to a crisp inside. From the fresh smell of gasoline, it was obvious that the vehicle had not been there more than a few days. It appeared as though more than vultures, snakes and rats had survived the war.

Just after she passed the wreck she heard the motorcycles behind her. There were three men, all had shaved heads and wore leather jackets. Even at peak speed there was no way that Jessica could out run the bikes. She pulled over to the side of the road and waited for them to hopefully pass. They didn’t. Instead, they pulled slowly up behind her with wolfish grins on their faces. Even with her hair tied up, wearing a silver environment jumpsuit, she was obviously a woman.

The three men parked their bikes and dismounted a short distance away from where her vehicle was parked. Forming a skirmish line with cross bows leveled, they advanced towards her. She sat quietly in the driver’s seat. Maybe she had been speeding. Maybe someone did care.

What would she say? “Excuse me officer the nuclear holocaust knocked down all the speed limit signs. You know how these solar powered cars are they just drive so fast.”

Unfortunately, solar powered vehicles were about the slowest form of transportation around and besides, these men were obviously not police officers.

As they neared her she released the catch on the window and opened it. The lead man, who looked like a blind date she once had, licked his lips. She smiled, gave a flirtatious wave and shot him with the tazer gun. He let out a howl as twenty thousand volts immobilized him.

Jessica drove off, leaving the other two men staring at her in amazement. If only they stayed that way. In her rear view mirror she could see the lead man stagger to his feet. That wasn’t possible, the tazer gun was guaranteed to immobilize an assailant for at least ten minutes. Now was not the time to think about getting a refund.

He screamed to his companions as he ran towards his bike. They caught up to her in no time. Keeping a safe distance the leader easily shot out one of her back tires with a pistol. The car careened out of control and slammed into a dune. Jessica’s head struck the windshield. In her daze she saw the three men run up to her vehicle. The driver’s side window was smashed with the butt of a rifle and she was dragged out without a fight.

Everything was blurry as she was thrown on her back. One man pinned her arms, the other her legs as the leader straddled her. He ripped open the front of her environment suit.

“No” she murmured, too dazed from her blow to the head to put up a fight. As the leader’s hands worked lower, she saw a fourth man running towards them.

With a terrifying speed, the new arrival struck the man holding her legs with the butt of his rifle. As the leader turned, he received a similar blow to the face and like his companion was put temporarily out of commission. The man holding her arms began to draw a pistol from his belt.

Before it left its holster, he was on the ground holding his crotch. Having been given a kick squarely in the genitals, he had no real alternative but to writhe in pain. Jessica’s savior was on him before he could recover.

There was a slight gurgling noise as the throat of this assailant was cut. Without wasting any time, the throats of the other two men were also slit, this insured that they were both permanently out of commission.

Her knight in shiny armour turned out to be a knight in black leather. Looking up from his knee high boots to his nearly military haircut, she saw he was a veritable arsenal. With a knife strapped to his right leg, a pistol slung low to his hip and a bandoleer of ammunition over one shoulder, he was both handsome and threatening. He was around 5’10” with sandy blonde hair, broad shoulders and a slim waist. The desert had hardened him; this only added to his good looks and ferocity.

As he eyed her carefully, Jessica realized that her breasts were hanging out of her torn jumpsuit. She pulled it over them and fixed her bra.

“You aren’t going to rape me?” she asked. Walking towards his car, he shook his head.

Jessica received conflicting feelings of relief and disappointment as the stranger walked towards his car.

It was a black Rally Sport, Camaro, 1973 if Jessica’s guess was right. Before the war she had dated a man obsessed with cars. Actually obsessed was a mild term for his addiction and subsequent boring monologues on such exciting topics as the improved carburetor intake valves in the 73 versus the 74 Camaro. Maybe the nuclear holocaust had been a good thing.

Her savior started his car’s engine and drove it next to the bikes. With a piece of plastic hose he started to siphon the fuel from the motorcycle closest to his car. Once the siphoning process was started he walked back towards her.

Jessica stood up, running her fingers through her hair, which now hung loosely about her shoulders, she tried to compose herself.

“I’d like to thank you. My name is Jessica Martin.” she said extending her hand. He looked up momentarily and began to search the former owners of the motorcycles.

He removed a variety of weapons and tools from each of them. Adding to Jessica’s opinion that here was a man of fine breeding, he removed the leader’s boots which looked to be in better shape than his own. This made Jessica’s stomach turn; her hero was nothing more than a grave robber.

After depositing his loot in his car and starting the siphoning process on another motorcycle, he walked towards Jessica’s vehicle. With a wrench in one hand, he began sizing up the vehicle.

“Excuse me” Jessica stammered, “That’s my car and I would like to keep it in one piece.” At her request he walked back towards his car and began taking selected parts off one motorcycle.

In disgust Jessica walked to her car. It appeared to be hopelessly stuck in the dune. Its motor refused to engage, probably because most of the battery cells had been destroyed when she crashed. She picked up her food and what gear she could carry and walked towards the Camaro. The third motorcycle was now being siphoned and another bike was being stripped of useful parts.

“Excuse me”, she said “could you possible give me a ride north.”

“No” was the first word he spoke to her.

“Well, what do you expect me to do?”

“I don’t care” he replied as the flow of liquid began to dwindle from the siphoning hose.

“You bastard! The only reason you saved me was so that you could get more fuel for your car.” Jessica was angry, she had been used.

“No, the only reason why I saved you was that there are now three less skags in the valley to give me trouble!”

Jessica’s anger calmed. “Take me with you.”



“I already have one too many mouths to feed.”
“I have food.”


In desperation and with a bit of desire, she added, “I’ll sleep with you.”

He stood up, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her against him. She could feel his leather jacket press against her breast. His kiss was fierce but cold. Despite this it sent shivers through her entire body.

One top of the indignity of the forced kiss he added, “If I wanted to sleep with you I would take you now. You are not my responsibility.”

She was angry, she had been rejected. There was a first time for everything.

Jessica thought for a moment.

“I can give you fuel, food and weapons if you can get me up to Arrow Point in the north.”

His eyes lit up as Jessica continued, “I’m from a group called the Saviors. We were placed in cryogenic freeze before the war. After ten years the thermo units were set to wake us up. We are all supposed to rendezvous at Arrow Point. We have supplies and the technological know-how to start over.”

“Then, why are you alone?” he demanded.

“My companions’ thermo units failed somehow. I was the only survivor from my group. There were nearly a hundred other groups. Those who survived are heading towards Arrow Point”.

She batted her eyelashes and tried to look as helpless as possible. Jessica leaned forward slightly so that her ripped jumpsuit would show off her breast. After all, this man was her one chance at survival in this savage world.

The man leaned against his car contemplating the offer. Eyeing the dwindling flow from the siphoning hose, he said “Alright, but on my terms.”

Jessica smiled; she still had a touch with men. She had coaxed him into taking her along. Fifteen minutes later Jessica and the stranger were traveling north. Strapped into the passenger’s seat, she had both hands chained at her sides. No matter how much she protested, he refused to have it any other way.

When he said “My terms”, he meant it. The wind blew her jumpsuit open as they drove. It was no longer necessary for her to lean forward in order to give him a view of her breasts. He could just look over at her, chained on his terms and see what ever he wanted. Contrary to what she desired and expected, he never took his eyes off the road.

He introduced himself as Jason, no last name, just Jason. Obviously, he trusted no one. In his brief monologue, Jason told her that the valley was ruled, for the most part, by a biker called The King. This biker leader had several dozen men under him who scavenged off the surrounding land and sought to remove all undesirables from the area. They wanted total control of the valley, while the undesirables, like Jason, sought to survive by scavenging off the scavengers.

The main difficulty in heading north is that they would have to cross the river. This meant either leaving the car and swimming across the cesspool of a river, or driving across the bridge. Although the bridge was heavily guarded, abandoning the car was not an alternative. Crossing the river was the only way to drive out of the valley and therefore the only means of accomplishing this was being protected. That way the King could keep his own and me from deserting and men like Jason from getting into the outside world. More importantly, the bridge served to keep Jason’s car in the valley; it was the most valuable item around, next to Jessica.

The roads were in fair shape as they drove. Jason’s skill at driving made them seem in better shape then they actually were. His car made better time than the solar power car had. On the back seat were the two battery cells which had survived the crash of the solar car. This and some food was all that Jason determined was salvageable from the solar car, besides Jessica.

As they drove he rested his hand on the shift. Confined by the chain attached to her left wrist, Jessica could just barely brush her finger tips against his hand. She did so as they drove, because she longed for his attention and desired to please him. After all, he had saved her life. He seemed not to notice. Giving in to instinct, he let his hand wander and touch the side of her left breast. Her gasp of pleasure awoke Jason from his trance. Quickly, he withdrew his hand, making it a point not to let it rest on the stick shift anymore. Jessica wondered why he didn’t find her desirable.

They stopped several miles from the bridge and pulled off behind a ridge. Jason wanted to attempt the crossing at night, so there was nothing left to do but wait out the rest of the day. Unlocking her hands, he placed a chain around her neck. The other end of the new chain was locked to a convenient log. Jessica sat obediently at the base of the log while Jason lit a small fire and opened a can of food for dinner. She had no choice, the chain around her neck kept her from running away and as an extra precaution he had tied her hands behind her back.

As Jason heated the can over the flames, Jessica felt the gnawing of hunger pangs. Dinner was only beef stew, but it smelt wonderful. Jessica hadn’t eaten all day and before that, not for ten years.

After it reached the desired temperature, Jason placed the contents of the can on a plate and began to devour it.

“What about me?” Jessica asked. This brought a smile to Jason’s face as he replied by reaching over and striking her across the face.

Following this momentary distraction, he took a long swig from his canteen and resumed eating.

When he had finished nearly everything on his plate he slid it over to Jessica. She looked up at him despising everything he stood for. Starving, hands tied behind her back, she had no choice but to lick what remained of dinner off the plate. Maintaining her strength was more important than saving face. Once they reached Arrow Point he would pay. Surely, the Saviors wouldn’t want such a man in their midst, nor would they allow him to exist in the new world they would create.

Having finished what remained on the plate, Jessica lay her head down on the log, hoping that she would sleep. This was a difficult task because she did not find herself tired, rather she was strangely aroused. After ten years in thermo freeze this was to be expected. It had nothing to do with her traveling companion, the way he treated her or the way her fed her dinner. Although the only man around was a barbarian, she couldn’t help but fantasize that he would extract some kind of payment from her as they traveled north. With these thoughts she drifted into sleep.

Jason nudged her with his boot. Jessica stirred and kissed his foot as she slept. He nudged her a second time and she awoke as she prepared to kiss his foot again. Jessica had dreamt he had torn away her foolish silver environment suit and instead had given her several skimpy pieces of fur to wear. Before she was allowed to accompany him to the north she was told she must kiss his boots. She did so willingly, only to wake and discover it had been a dream.

Night having fallen, he unchained her neck, allowing her to rise to her feet. Leading her to the car, he chained her to the floor of the back seat.

“Why can’t I sit in the front seat?” she demanded.

Jason smiled, “If there is trouble, I don’t want my cargo damaged.”

“You bastard” she spat.

Jessica’s position did not provide her with a good view of the events which transpired. From where she lay, it was obvious that Jason was driving at a high speed towards the bridge. There was no light on dash board and therefore she assumed he was driving without head lights. The ride was surprisingly smooth despite the adverse conditions under which they traveled.

Once again she was impressed at his ability to drive. This time the conditions were even worse, it was at night, without headlights, on roads which had not been repaired in ten years. He truly was a rare breed of man; she would make him pay for his arrogance.

The car accelerated suddenly. Jessica assumed that they had reached the bridge. Bending her body upward she could see Jason with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a pistol. The barrel was pointed out the window. Firing several shots, he cut the wheel sharply as if to avoid something.

Thrown back on the floor by the sudden maneuver, Jessica let out a scream as the windshield shattered spraying glass in all directions. Even where she lay, shielded by the front seats, she was showered by flying pieces of glass. As something large bounced off the hood of the car, it did not waver from its course for a moment. Obviously, some ‘skag’ had gotten in Jason’s way. The car roared on steadily and Jessica realized that they had reached safety.

After a seemingly endless amount off time Jason pulled over. Lifting her carefully from the back seat, he asked if she was all right. Jessica nodded, having been taken aback by his sudden change in attitude. He had been so tender carrying her from the back seat and seemed to caress her as he dusted the pieces of glass from the outside of her jumpsuit.

Jason’s face was covered with blood. This didn’t seem to bother him and Jessica knew enough first aid to realize that even the smallest facial wound bleeds torrents. Jessica felt a tinge of sadness as he removed the neck chain and untied her hands.

“Take off your clothes.” he said as he removed his jacket.

Jessica juiced in anticipation. He brushed the glass off his shirt and shook his jacket out. Instead of throwing her on her back and using her, he placed his jacket around her and shook the glass out of her jump suit.

Ignoring her, he made sure there was no glass left in her jump suit. The only passion he could muster was a look minor look of disdain for her foolish choice of attire in a post nuclear world. Jessica could only glare at him. She had been rejected again. With her standing there in only her skimpy undergarments, how could he be immune to her beauty?

She took off his jacket and her bra exposing her breasts to him. Her nipples were erect with desire but all Jason could muster was a perplexed look. Jessica removed her lacy bra and brought it to her mouth in order to moisten it.

“Its cotton” she said “It is the only thing I have that will clean up the blood properly.”

This obviously did not include the first aid kit which sat idly in her pack on the back seat.

Leaning forward she brought her left breast within inches of his mouth as she wiped the blood from his face. For a moment his whole body tightened. Almost immediately, Jason regained his composure as Jessica felt his body relax again. Either he was gay or he had tremendous self control. Jessica deliberately poked the cut on his forehead in a feigned attempt to clean it. He didn’t flinch, although she knew it must have hurt.

Rejected, she stormed back to the car and got the first aide kit. Walking back towards Jason she started to cry.

“You faggot!” she screamed, throwing the kit at him.

Easily ducking the projectile, he walked towards her. Jessica longed and expected to be struck. Instead he stood there and for the first time appeared to be unsure of what to do.

Still sobbing she cried, “You don’t love me. You don’t find me attractive.”

Jason took a step backwards, taken aback as her tears turned quickly into anger. Lunging forward, her nails dug into his exposed shoulders. Grabbing her arms, he forced her to the ground. Once he was occupied with her razor sharp finger nails, Jessica brought her head up and sunk her teeth into his shoulder.

“You bitch” he grunted, striking her across the face with the back of his hand.

Reeling from the blow, she fell back to the ground. He dove on top of her as she brought her knee up to greet him. Twisting his hips to the side he took the potentially fatal blow on his right thigh. One hand grabbed both her wrists while the other tore her panties off. Having removed the final obstacle from her body, Jason opened his pants. Jessica’s hands were held over her head, she was helpless. He penetrated her thrusting into her fiercely. Each blow brought him closer and closer to ecstasy.

Finally, he exploded inside her with one last powerful thrust. Lying there, Jessica realized that she had been used; forced against her will to give him pleasure; after all she was only a woman.

Jessica lay blissfully, in his arms. After a while, she crawled away for a moment to where he discarded her neck chain. With the chain dangling between her red lips, she crawled humbly back to him. Jason smiled as he put the chain around her neck, fastening the other side somewhere underneath the car.

He wrapped one arm around Jessica and clutched he long silky hair with his free hand.

“Listen to me,” he said… “I already lost someone special in this bitch of a world. I’m not planning on loosing you. Do it my way, on my terms and we will survive.”

“Yes, master” she replied as a tear of joy fell from her eye.

Jessica hoped she would make him happy. He loved her and had opened up to her by letting her into his life. By overcoming his loss and loving her, Jessica was left with no choice but to reciprocate his feelings by becoming his slave.

The next morning Jessica woke to find a plate with the remainder of breakfast on it. Without using her hands she ate it.

Jason was busy in the car. He had removed the shattered windshield and was doing something behind the front seats. Removing the chain from where it was fastened underneath the car he pulled Jessica to her feet.

“I made something for you.” he said.

The floor behind the front seats was covered with several blankets and a piece of small fur. There was also a pillow there.

“It is your slave nest. We don’t want your beauty to attract undesired attention and we wouldn’t want you hurt.”

“Yes, master,” she replied.

“By the way,” he added, “I want you to use that piece of fur to make yourself a more suitable outfit.” She nodded.

“Also, I also don’t feel it would be in my, I mean our best interest to head towards Arrow Point right now. I think the `perfect’ society would be too restrictive.”

Kissing her he added, “I have everything I could possibly want right now.”

“Yes, master!” she cried giving him a kiss. “I will make an outfit which I hope you will find pleasing.”

“I find the one you are wearing now quite pleasing.”

With that he placed her on all fours and took advantage of her lack of attire.

“Yes, master!” she cried.

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