Rich sugarmummy in Mombasa,Nyali area

Hi sexually fit toyboys, I am not new to this whole sugar mummy thing but I am new to seeking one online. I would want to still feel free as I live in the outside world. I am a business woman and I am a sucker for most things like that. I was once married with kids though my husband and I are somehow separated. That is a long story but he has moved to Dubai to base. I get to keep our children though they have all grown and are now teenagers. They get to come visit and say hi during the weekends. I think I can comfortably say things are good for me right now. My business is doing extremely well in Mombasa town and I have been able to open other shops in out outside Mombasa in other cities.

I just need a sweet and simple sugar boy who is looking for a sugar mummy. I want someone who is not a teenager. I am tired of handling the ones I have, the last thing I would do is add another woman’s teenage boy to make me more tired. I need someone who is educated and speaks very well. He should be handsome and should have an idea how to dress sexy. I want someone who can be funny. Can make me laugh once in a while. I need someone who can be there for me whenever I want him to be. I know my husband is not around but I have kids and I would want this to be hidden from them. So please, I want discreet and private relationship. I may not be able to hide my affairs from God and the sun but I will make sure my family never finds out and I would want a man who will also feel my strong passion to keep things hidden and private. I promise to be a very providing sugar mummy as long as his needs are not as outrageous as wanting to have the world.

Anyone interested in me should leave me a message to admin Sophie . I do not have the time to read every message I get so save your novel for a publisher and just be brief about yourself. I believe the saying “pictures say a thousand words” so send admin a picture and it might help tell me the kind of man you are. I don’t do the whole chat thing this generation are really into but I will not mind learning and getting into it.

Thanks very much Admin for everything. You are doing a wonderful job and I hope you can keep it up

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For Those Who Love White Rich Sugarmummies,This is your Rare Chance to have her

Hello, I am called Monalisa Rodriguez Miguel. I am 35 yrs old from Mexico but I stay and work in Westlands Nairobi Kenya. I am financially stable with a publishing company in Westlands.I am currently offduty for my Christmas vacation and I will be going back to work on 28th February.. I feel lonely here though I had given up on love issues after being heart broken several times with Spanish men, but hey, in this loneliness i wanna try it with a black guy between 20 – 40yrs. I am not here looking for money, I have my money and ready to spend it with him. He should just be ready to give me time. He should be of medium size and height. I don’t mind whether he is poor. If interested in me, get my contacts from the administrator of this page and we talk more. Cheers. …..

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All I Want Is a Man To Keep Me Sexually Happy Whenever I Feel Like Having Sex For Pleasure-Bernice from Mombasa Nyali Area

“Hello all,well i’m Bernice from Mombasa Nyali area,just 34years single lady who runs her own business,when i have time to myself i like to hang out with a serious man and have fun.i am an open book,I am straight-forward and dont mind cutting to the chase.I would like to meet someone that is very open minded and open hearted as I am,get to know each other first and let nature take its course.All i want is a man to keep me sexually happy whenever i feel like having sex for pleasure especially on weekends.i got no issues with getting him some cash .I live alone with no man nor a child”


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I Am Financially okay and So money Will not Be a Problem in the Relationship-Ann? From Fedha Estate

Hi admin,,, am ?#?Ann? from fedha estate embakasi age 29,, am an accountant working with National bank Greenspan branch ,,, desperately looking for a honest and hardworking responsible man who id ready for a serious relationship leading to marriage. A guy or man that knows what how to satisfy a woman heart and desires. He must be ready to give me sufficient attention I wanT. I am financially okay and so money will not be a problem in the relationship.Am. In need of a strong guy who will take me to the moon with his performance and make me feel on top of the world.  I will take care of you very well and foot your bills ,,,,, thanx you


For a hook upText or Whatsapp your Details:[YOUR NAME,AGE & LOCATION ] and the word “ Ann?” to admin on +254729655251.Serious and willing persons only.Online jokers will be ignored and dismissed as usual.Hook up Charges apply. Dont publicly Comment with your number.Contact admin on the above number