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If your into the beautiful, nurturing type,you are the exact kind of person I want. I find intelligence to be as sexy as character. Hopefully, you have both.
I am searching for that one fantastic partner that every gentleman or gal dreams about finding. I know love is out there for me connection really hasn’t materialized to me but it will. I prefer a gentleman to be kind I like a guy to be a man’s man but , i also need a guy that takes time in his work I prefer a gentle man of larger build. I also prefer true gentleman that is old school and treats a woman like anything he takes pride in…. . I’m a lady of several depths I am a mother of 2 children i also enjoy connection trying unusual places enjoy friends. enjoy music country n by all means prefer sweet music.
If you have any time free and like to hit the town an show around a beautiful, easy going, smart-ass, fun-loving woman. Then i think you should be mine from today, LOL!!

For hookup, sms/whatsapp your details in the following order:
and the word “CECILE KILIMANI NAIROBI” to +254106440323.
Serious and willing GUYS ONLY,jokers will be ignored.

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